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Thursday 28 November 2013


Hi, I am Usama lkhlaq,
A student of BS computer science and Microsoft certified solution expert. I am a keen observer and love to discover new things. My willing is to do research work and find new ways for fresh comers.

Since my attentiveness can be fruitfully useful to numerous different businesses, I am open to working in any role where I can utilize my skills-to learn, contribute and grow with the organization.

At the age of 13, I started my career in Information technology field by providing my services. In this period, I handled Computer software and hardware issues including repair, maintenance and installation.

I worked with various designations in the field of information technology and I started my professional career at the age of 17 with a software house and event management company.

By the time being, I provided my services in various corporates like: organizations, offices, software house, schools, instituted, showroom and food chain.

In my professional career journey, I revel in as:

•    BDO - Business Development Officer.
•    Computer Hardware Technician.
•    Computer Courses Instructor.
•    Documentalist.
•    Personal tutor.
•    Computer and Science Teacher.
•    Office Assistant.
•    Computer Network Technician.
•    IT Executive.
•    System Administrator.
•    SQA - Software Quality Assurance as a (Game Tester).
•    Project controller and manager.

I also perform my duty with my own side business of computer sale, purchase and consultancy.

During my career history I learn a lot of things and take experiences and expertise in various different environments.

Some of my key skills are:

•    Design and deployment network infrastructure.
•    Installation and configuration of different servers.
•    Understanding of ERP system.
•    Project management methodology.
•    QA - Quality Assurance.
•    Teaching and training.

You can reach to me at Gmail and LinkedIn.


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