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Thursday 28 November 2013


Hi, I am Usama lkhlaq,
A student of BS computer science and Microsoft certified solution expert. I am a keen observer and love to discover new things. My willing is to do research work and find new ways for fresh comers.

Since my attentiveness can be fruitfully useful to numerous different businesses, I am open to working in any role where I can utilize my skills-to learn, contribute and grow with the organization.

At the age of 13, I started my career in Information technology field by providing my services. In this period, I handled Computer software and hardware issues including repair, maintenance and installation.

I worked with various designations in the field of information technology and I started my professional career at the age of 17 with a software house and event management company.

By the time being, I provided my services in various corporates like: organizations, offices, software house, schools, instituted, showroom and food chain.

In my professional career journey, I revel in as:

•    BDO - Business Development Officer.
•    Computer Hardware Technician.
•    Computer Courses Instructor.
•    Documentalist.
•    Personal tutor.
•    Computer and Science Teacher.
•    Office Assistant.
•    Computer Network Technician.
•    IT Executive.
•    System Administrator.
•    SQA - Software Quality Assurance as a (Game Tester).
•    Project controller and manager.

I also perform my duty with my own side business of computer sale, purchase and consultancy.

During my career history I learn a lot of things and take experiences and expertise in various different environments.

Some of my key skills are:

•    Design and deployment network infrastructure.
•    Installation and configuration of different servers.
•    Understanding of ERP system.
•    Project management methodology.
•    QA - Quality Assurance.
•    Teaching and training.

You can reach to me at Gmail and LinkedIn.

Personality Grooming

Today, I want to tell you about a personality grooming process. Which I learn from Mr. Rehan Allahwala – Chairman / President of Super Technologies Inc. and more. I want to share my experience of life and want to tell you about how I can fell now and before joining Super Technologies.

When I was in conversation with Mr. Rehan he said, “Usama can you complete this process”.

The question is: Which type of process is this?

He told me about some movies, documentaries, books and relevant products which are related to this mission. And said after complete this process you have to make separates videos of each about understanding of these all this.

I accept this process as a challenge because I never read books before like this and not have much Interest in reading books but I read articles mostly. It was my first experience in front of cam to share my knowledge and save in video.

During this whole process I realized what can I do and what I am doing. Because in may past life I never learn with this speed ever. These are just 6 days of my life but when I see in my past I conclude that “If man can set target, he can achieve it too”.

But unfortunately when I see back in my past life there was a little bunch of learning that I have, but at the same time when I see in present I have many thing, lesson, moral, historical knowledge, how to meet peoples, how can I use my mind, importance of time and lots of others thing.

Now, I have many tricks and techniques, learning's and knowledge which is very especial and beneficial   for me in my practical life. I feel like a most powerful man at the same time weakest too.

So, I realized, “I never ever learn with this speed in my past life, which I achieve in last 6 days”.....

"Time is money".....

Credit goes to Mr. Rehan Allahwala

Thoughts about “Super Technologies”

Thoughts about “Super Technologies” from Usama Ikhlaq on Vimeo.

I want to share my thoughts about “Super Technologies” with you all because it’s have worth to share.

Before test and join Super technologies, I have just ordinary think about this company where people work as like just a worker. But it’s not seems like that.

When I show my interest in “Super Technologies” then I found a test system for joining which I never seen before. This test system was based on personality grooming.

I worked in many companies including multinational companies but never seen company like “Super Technologies”.
I have to say “Super Technologies” made its own pioneers first, then these pioneers make their own world.

Stay Bless....

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